translated from Spanish: Nazarena Velez confirmed her new romance and told how his youngest son

Nazarena Vélez reacted (44) confirmed his affair with Santiago Caamaño (37), companion of cast in «Truths liars», the work that integrate, presented in Mar del Plata.

Santiago Caamaño | Photo: Instagram «I came to have fun at Mar del Plata, I did not know that as well but I am going better than I thought.» I came to spend it with my children and this surprised me, and it is great. I’m very good. This began about a month ago. It is the first time that I am so happy,»said Nazarena in dialogue with»Always Show».
«It’s a kid with a lot of codes», threw on James Nazarena.

How did your children react? «They told me that it was divine. Barbie tell me ‘ I don’t love and then…’. It’s like it took him much affection. «Luqui (the boyfriend of Barbie) and the Chyno also», featured the actress. But who, if he had problems with his mother’s new boyfriend was Thiago, the younger son: «do not want to know anything. He told me that he was going to burst. Do you know what it does? It tells me ‘look ma, how much love I have’, embraces him to Santiago and makes the gesture that he is going to stick a dagger in the back,»explained Nazarena.

Nazarena Velez with her youngest son, Thiago Rodríguez «is doing it I quite complicadita. «It is now 8 years old and I can not do the chamuyo Santiago ‘is my friend’ because it is not question of taking the hair to the kids», be honest.

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