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the importance of study and prepared in life. For more success you have, you have to search hold it fully, by sudden changes that gives existence. Upon hearing the news of the death of the Mexican goalkeeper, who defended the cabin in the Mexico World Championship 86, Pablo Larios Iwazaki, back to the yearning in this sport just. And this time we will not speak of the «Combi», or the adventures that took us by different sites and cities of the World Cup, but the presence of Larios here in The thread City. After the World Cup, and pass the euphoria, came to our city. I do not remember exactly the date, but is there in the home of don Jaime Castro made him a bochinchi. A succulent roast beef, sprayed with foam. At that time we were special guests and then got an interview with the famous goalkeeper who flew as fly, and retaining the ball in his hands as if he were Kola-Loca. Also was attended by the directors of the Garbanceros Club and its President, don Cesar Meraz Figueroa, and the roster of players, to take the picture and to coexist with the goalkeeper. Colophon. And by the way of nalguis, seguris, manjaritis, – translation – «love in the dark is more tender». Ai´si! After passing through several teams and be incumbent on the Mexican team, Pablo Larios Iwazaki became his retirement. But I wasn’t prepared.

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