translated from Spanish: Pence: «is the time to put an end to the regime of Maduro»

DORAL, Florida, USA (AP) — the Vice President Mike Pence said Friday that «there is now hope in Venezuela» and urged the international community to recognize the opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the legitimate President of the South American nation, after promising to the diaspora that United States will support it until they can return safely to their country. In a speech before dozens of Venezuelans residents in southern Florida, Pence said that United States will continue to press through diplomatic and economic to Venezuela until return to freedom and democracy, but reiterated that «all options are on» table».» This is not the time for dialogue», said Pence in an enclosure filled with Venezuelan exiles and activists. «It is the moment of ending the regime of ripe,» he said, applause and a standing ovation among those present, who rose to their feet. The statements of Pence took place after a meeting with a small group of community leaders, professional and express politicians who told him their personal stories in a church in the neighboring city of Miami also known as «little Venezuela»for his numerous Venezuelan community. Pence, one of the most important voices of the Government of Donald Trump for the subjects of Venezuela, came to the South Florida a week after the Republican government recognition to guided as Acting President in the midst of a deepening economic crisis and humanitarian of the South American nation. Little more than one year ago the Vice President had a similar encounter with the Venezuelan community. The decision to Trump, which was followed by further economic sanctions seeking to strangle a mature administration, was welcomed both by the ruling Republican Party of Florida Democrats. However, Democrats qualified Pence as party meeting, the not having been invited.
A day earlier, several Democratic lawmakers also met with Venezuelans in Miami, where the largest diaspora in the country live in United States.

After the recognition of a guided United States, Maduro complained that a coup d’etat is plotting against her. Several countries of the hemisphere – including Canada, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina–also acknowledged the opposition leader as interim President. Pence and his spouse Karen were accompanied by Carlos Vecchio, who United States has recognized as the new Venezuelan Ambassador, and the legislators Republicans Marco Rubio, Rick Scott and Mario Díaz Balart, among others. » The struggle for democracy in Venezuela has begun,»said Pence, repeating the same words pronounced by President Trump. «Mature you must go», he said, after considering that he is a «dictator without legitimate power». The Vice President said that he believed that he was approaching the day of freedom in Venezuela and called for «each of the countries that recognize Juan Guaidó as President».

Participated in the round table a small group representing the Venezuelan diaspora, including Alejandro Segovia exconcejal Marquez, Venezuelan doctor Rafael Gottenger, former political prisoner Raúl Díaz Peña, exlegislador Pedro Mena; and Francis Salinas and his spouse José Ravangouy, who came to the United States in December 2016 in search of political asylum. «Salinas told to Pence that your spouse, a University Professor, Ravangouy, was attacked by armed groups identified with the Government of Maduro and his family decided to flee with their two children to Florida, in December 2016.» I am as the face of many mothers living with fear that your spouse do not return home,»Salinas told the Vice President. «That their children have a childhood as until now, full of fear and persecution,» said 32-year-old woman. Exconcejal Segovia, for his part, emphasized the role of the United States and expressed its fear of continued violence.
«All time to run that is going to translate into more deaths», said Segovia, for 29 years. «By mercy for humanity does not give you any longer to the topic», said the politician, who said he was indicted by the Venezuelan Government of being an agent of the CIA.

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