translated from Spanish: Protests of opposition and in favour of Maduro will face off today in Caracas

opposition called Saturday for a new day of protests across Venezuela as it intensifies its efforts to ensure the arrival of humanitarian aid internal International, which the Government rejected as part of a plan to justify a military invasion. The opposition protests will coincide with a concentration that the Government in one of the main avenues in downtown Caracas convened to commemorate the 20 anniversary of the coming to power of the deceased President Hugo Chávez, which marked the beginning of his Bolivarian revolution. “The celebrations, that empanadas have been by the crisis engulfing the country, will be headed by President Nicolas Maduro, who is expected to arrive around noon to the Central avenida Bolivar, where almost six months ago suffered a bomb attack drones.” On Friday we are facing greater political, diplomatic and economic aggression that has never faced Venezuela in 200 years of the Republic,”said Maduro, in allusion to the growing internal and external pressures on his Government, which intensified This week with sanctions that Washington imposed on the State Corporation Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA), the main generator of foreign exchange of the country. When disposing of it will give in to pressures, the leftist ruler, who claims to be political son of Chavez, said during a ceremony with military in the West of the capital which will remain firm in defense of the Constitucion.asimismo, Maduro took the opportunity to make a new call to the armed forces, considered the main support of his Government, to maintain cohesion and loyalty to the Constitucion.desde early January National Assembly majority opposition, intensified pressures to give to Mature, accusing him of being “usurping” the charge since January 10, when he began his second six-year term. The opposition does not recognize the re-election of the President, claiming that the elections which was re-elected last May were a “farce” because they did not meet with the legal parameters and transparency, accusations that the Government has rejected. Most of the neighbouring countries of Venezuela and the European Union not to recognise his re-election, and urged him to call free elections as a solution to the crisis. For its part, the opposition convened Saturday new marches in the East of the capital to continue raising the pressures against Maduro while advancing in international efforts to achieve the delivery of aid to Venezuela. Since more than one year ago opponents and humanitarian organizations have urged the Government to allow the entry of international aid to alleviate serious shortages of food and medicines, but the authorities have refused, claiming that such action It seeks to promote a military invasion. The head of the National Assembly and opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, announced on Friday, after a meeting with humanitarian organisations, which is coordinating efforts to mobilize the support, which has become one of its priorities after declaring the week last acting President during a rally in the capital. Guided, whom the Supreme Court forbade this week out of the country and it froze their bank accounts, he called the armed forces and the rest of the population to respond to the humanitarian crisis. Hours after the Declaration of the opposition leader, the Adviser of national security in the White House, John Bolton, announced that the United States will send humanitarian aid to Venezuela.Bolton said in its account of Twitter which, pursuant to the request of guided, Washington “” it will mobilise and transported humanitarian aid: drugs, surgical supplies and nutritional supplements for the people of Venezuela “.” It is time that mature out of the way,”added the message. Last week, the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, said that Washington will give 20 million dollars for humanitarian aid to the South American country. Venezuela faces growing political tensions in the midst of a complex economic crisis with a seven-digit hyperinflation, a severe recession, and acute shortages of food, medicine and other basic goods. The economic difficulties have unleashed a social crisis and a massive migration of Venezuelans, who, according to United Nations estimates, reached last year three million people in the region.

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