translated from Spanish: Reveal new trailer for the «Captain Marvel»

home cinema reveal new trailer for the «Captain Marvel» photography/Twitter Mexico.-a new trailer for Captain Marvel TV has left and thus an exhaustive analysis of each the scenes Marvel us moving forward, with the next release of the film, and one of the characters that appears might be a future Member of the Avengers.
It is known since the actress Lashana Lynch plays Maria Rambeau, a U.S. air force pilot, who is what is the mother of Monica Rambeau, who seems to be the little girl who appears in the new trailer.
In the comics, Monica becomes a police with superpowers that allow you to turn into any form of energy, over time it becomes nothing more and nothing less than in Captain Marvel! -Although there was another, but she was not aware of this. Later became Photon although in the Marvel movie universe timeline may be different, is likely that the study is preparing characters so they collected importance in five to ten years as part of the team of the Avengers.
Captain Marvel opens in cinemas around the world on March 8.
Source: Hypertext new TV Spot of Captain Marvel / Captain Marvel with new scenes. #CaptainMarvel – Guardian of Marvel (@GuardianMarvel0) February 2, 2019

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