translated from Spanish: Russia reveals evidence that U.S. would have violated nuclear Treaty

in these last hours both powers, Russia and United States, have suspended the bilateral nuclear treaty after mutual accusations of violating its terms. The Russian Ministry argues that United States had decided to removed from the control of nuclear forces of intermediate range (INF) Treaty “two years” until the baseless accusations against Russia are made public. According to defence, preparations for the manufacture of the proscribed missile began in 2017 in the facilities of the company Raytheon in Tucson, Arizona.La image, taken by a satellite 3 December 2018 shows a plant whose area, according to the authorities Russian, increased by 44 percent, from 55,000 to 79,000 square meters, while the number of employees of the company grew by almost 2,000 people. The complex consists of several production facilities, a platform for essays, complexes for Assembly of missiles, laboratories, 36 semiunderground stores, an electrical substation and other facilities.” Shown thus irrefutable way that the United States Administration decided to withdraw from the INF Treaty a few years until it began to make unfounded public accusations against Russia of violating it”, according to the Ministerio.suspension BILATERALEl President in Russia, Vladimir Putin, has given order Saturday to their Ministers for foreign and defence that does not hold talks on disarmament with United States after announcing the suspension of the INF in response to the six-month ultimatum given by the United States, which yesterday announced exactly the same measure, as well as the beginning of its process of withdrawal from the Covenant, which would end in August of this year.” We respond in a symmetrical manner. If our U.S. partners have announced that they suspended their participation in the Treaty, we also will suspend it”, has settled Putin when meeting with holders of foreign and defense, Sergei Lavrov and Sergei Shoigu.El Putin wanted to reduce its speech making his country has no intention of starting an arms race. “I would like to draw your attention that we must not involve us and not us involve in an arms race that would be very expensive for us,” said the President.” “We assume that Russia”, she added, “not deploy missiles of medium and long range in Europe or in other regions of the world until American manufacturing similar weapons appear in the respective regions of the world”, in reference to the tension by the installation of missile systems of NATO near Russia and countries in its sphere of interest. However, Putin has shown favourable to the proposal made by the Ministry of defence in his country to initiate the development of a new supersonic medium-range missile, according to a previous statement of the Kremlin by the Russian official news agency RIA Novosti.El President of Russia has accused the United States of violating the terms of the agreement, signed by both countries in 1987, and requested an international inspection of the U.S. nuclear arsenal, in response to the same charges made yesterday by his North American counterpart, Donald Trump.El INF, signed in 1987, helps to protect the security of the United States and its allies in Europe and Asia. It prohibits the United States and Russia possess, produce or try a cruise missile launched from Earth with a range of 450 to 5,600 kilometers.

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