translated from Spanish: Safe: that can not miss in the Cabinet this summer

Summer comes and thus the expected holiday. Before embarking to the chosen destination and luggage, it is important to remind all health measures that take and do not forget to include a basic emergency kit to not ruin the stay and be able to quickly resolve any unrest.
There are a number of tips that can help to complement the Group’s essential requirements when traveling, either within or outside of Chile.
First of all, if you suffer from a chronic condition, be sure to carry supplies sufficient to treat (and even a little more, for if it is to lose part of the dose). In addition, it is important to carry a copy of the recipe somewhere on the bag and carry them if only in their original containers, especially if the trip is overseas, because it can in border controls consult by drugs and their uses.
Additionally, it is extremely important to learn about the diseases and health problems of the place to visit. Global epidemiology has changed and now we see that the parasitic diseases have decreased, while the viral has been growing, and although the idea is not to panic.
Knowing the details of the destination and the precautions to take, the odds of infection are greatly reduced. So as it is good idea to review if vaccines to all members of the family day and sure of not having to manage a special according to the country or city that is travel.
Kit that can not miss in the first aid kit includes: analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs: the basics and that probably will alleviate frequent discomfort such as a headache, muscle pain, febrile States. Include a box of paracetamol is an inevitable, as Kitadol, offering different doses and formats.
Antihistamines: whether anyone in the family is allergic or not, is always good idea include some anti-allergy in the kit, especially when travelling abroad and are other allergens to which one is exposed. You have this medicine on hand is a preventive measure that will respond in time.
Patches and dressings for first priests: for wounds and small lesions that may produce, blisters, being very common since it is often walking more than normal during the holidays. Within attachments may include: bands, patches, saline or alcohol disinfectant.
Sunscreen: even if the destination is not the beach or Lake, the use of Sun protection, due to burns on the skin and its damaging cumulative effect is practically obligatory in summer. Make sure that this block UVA and UVB rays, they have a + 30 factors and they are water resistant. To the above, it is a good idea to add a post gel which soothes burns in case of.
Insect repellent: in summer there is a proliferation of insects, some harmless and other carriers of diseases, so it is recommended to take it in the Cabinet and if you are traveling to a tropical country, is better if you buy it reaching the destination, since it is more likely that formulation is more effective. Lotions are more concentrated than the spray and do not dissolve with the water, increasing protection.

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