translated from Spanish: Super Bowl 2019: how it benefits Mexico

«winning isn’t the most important thing: is all that matters». This phrase, attributed to the legendary football Henry Sanders technician, summarizes the importance of the Super Bowl, the end of National League football (NFL, for its acronym in English) of the United States.
The 53 Edition of one of the most watched sporting events on the planet will dispute this February 3 at the Mercedes-Benz of Atlanta (Georgia) Stadium.
That day an estimated 180 million Americans will gather with family and friends in front of the TV to discover who among the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots Gets the Super Bowl this year.
But, when there are still a few hours to the start of the event, a certain winner is already known: the Mexican economy.
And it is that from a few years ago, several Mexican business sectors were able to take advantage of this event to increase your turnover.
First of all, the producers of foods and beverages.
The snack most prized according to the US Department of agriculture, Super Bowl Sunday is the second day of major consumption of foods of the year, after the Thanksgiving.
And one of the favorite snacks of the Americans is the guacamole.
During the three weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, the Association of producers and Packers exporters of avocado from Mexico (APEAM) estimated that about 120 tons of avocado were sent to the United States.
That is, equivalent to half the weight of the statue of the liberty of New York.
BBCLos peaks of export of Mexican avocados to the us are recorded in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.De agreement with the agrifood Atlas 2012-2018, published by the agri-food information service and Pesquera (SIAP), Mexico is the world’s largest producer This food, with 2 million tonnes, and more than 7 of every 10 avocados are exported to the us.
Export of avocado to not only us implies revenues of US$ 2.349 billion a year, if that does not have a significant impact on the economy of Michoacán, the leading Mexican producer of this product.
«The avocado in that State industry generates around 70,000 direct jobs and more than 300,000 indirect jobs,» explains Antonio Gutierrez Cazares, communications manager of APEAM, which brings together more than 26,000 producing and packing companies.
In addition, «has impacted the decline in migration, since the workers are running in their places of origin with a guaranteed sustenance and above-average».
In the three weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, every six minutes a refrigerated truck was heading us from Michoacan to supply of avocado to the distributors of the neighboring country, according to data from the APEAM.
Beer, another winner of the party another product of higher consumption during the Super Bowl is the beer.
According to the Beer Institute, the Organization of producers of this drink in the us, 3 in 4 Americans who will look at the Super Bowl will be accompanied by snacks with beer. Much beer.
According to different estimates, during the end of 2018, Americans drank about 1,200 million liters of beer.
Enough to fill more than 4 times the Aztec Stadium of CDMX.
And also in this case the Mexican economy comes out winning.
Mexico is the fourth largest producer and the largest exporter of beer in the world. Its main destination? United States.
The Beer Institute aims in 2017, between 11% and 13% of the beer consumed in the United States was of Mexican origin.
And that is reflected in the revenue: that year the value of exports of beer was $3.768 million dollars, which accounted for 33% of agro-industrial exports from Mexico.
BBC 13% of all beer consumed in the United States. in 2017, it had Mexican origin. In addition, the productive chain of the industry produces 55,000 direct jobs and more than 600,000 indirect jobs.
Increases intra-trade and the effect of the Super Bowl is also felt in Mexico.
Not only one of every 5 Mexicans follow American football, according to an analysis of the company Mitofsky, but that Mexico is the second country with more fans of the NFL, after us.
That is not surprising that Mexicans lead the list of foreign nationalities in the purchase of tickets to attend the Super Bowl this year, according to data from StubHub, resale of tickets belonging to eBay company.
Who cannot afford to spend more than $3,000 that the cheapest ticket costs can follow the retransmission of the Party on television.
It is expected that about 15 million Mexicans will tuned this Sunday the networks Televisa, Azteca, Fox Sports or ESPN to follow the match between Rams and Patriots.
And how will it be?
Just like their neighbors to the North: among friends and family and with snacks.
According to the consulting firm Atlantia, average consumption of chicken wings, pizza, tacos and meat to grill increases 25% with respect to the other weekends of the year.
And what increases most significantly is the consumption of beer. The week of the Super Bowl sold 85% more units than the week prior to the match.
But this peculiar diet passes bill.
Antonio Pascual, President of Anafarmex, the Association that represents 15,000 pharmacies in all Mexico, says that last year «in the week following the Super Bowl party, demand for medicines for gastrointestinal diseases increased by 30%».
The most common sequelae?
Indigestion, reflux and diarrhea. That is, that even the gastritis contributes to the economy.
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