translated from Spanish: Teachers of the CNTE radicals refuse to release the train tracks, require federalization

Michoacan.-“Centistas” radicals refuse to withdraw from the train tracks at three points in the State: in the town of Caltzonzin in the municipality of Uruapan, in Patzcuaro and Churchill. Teachers demand are federalizados.
This communication medium toured areas where teachers still remain and to dialogue with several of them, who omitted to give their identity, claimed that they are not agree to pull out of the railway lines if they are not guaranteed that your payroll will be federalized, such as suggested by the Government of the State at a time.
They also stressed that they require basificacion and eventual payment, payment of bonds, certainly earned wage audit to the State Government and the Secretariat of State public education and repeal to educational reform.
In this tenor, educators stressed that not will cease their struggle until their demands are met in their entirety and have labor and economic certainty.
Given this scenario, through a bulletin to its members, this Friday evening the same national coordinator of education workers called “fraternal and energetic” to respect the agreements of their State Representative Assembly (AER), in the that last Thursday the determination to release all the tracks of the train and continue with other protests, had taken such as the closure of city halls, office rents and commercial centers.
The release reads textually: “peers, is very important to maintain the tripartite, assess the work of ten hours of sitting of the Committee State single negotiation (CEUN) yesterday (Thursday) in the city of Mexico;” and the results of these studies.
“With these considerations and to continue the process for the evaluation of the information in the massive regional assemblies that must make decisions, is called a: the CEUN meeting, Sunday 03 February 2019 at 10:00 in the room of boards of the X section VIII. “The AER reinstalling.”, Sunday, February 03, 2019, at 12:00 in the Auditorium of the 18th section A fraternal and energetic call is made to respect the agreements of the AER, pondering the collective interest of the magisterial movement”.
Source: Monitor Expresso

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