translated from Spanish: Thousands of Venezuelans March against Maduro

photography/Twitter @abelco3 Caracas, Venezuela-opposition leader in Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, he headed a March to ask the European Union to recognize him in the position of acting President. The appointment also aims to ask Nicolas Maduro to leave power.
«We must go all the streets of Venezuela and the world with an objective clear: accompany the ultimatum that would give members of the European Union (EU).» We will make the March largest in Venezuela and in the history of our continent,»said Juan Guaidó.
This demonstration takes place on the same day that the officials are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the so-called «Bolivarian revolution» of the late Hugo Chávez.
Hundreds of Venezuelans flags and tri-color caps are routed from different points of the capital to the center of concentration in the East of the city.
«It encourages us to go out fighting for the freedom of Venezuela,» said Mila Avina, while walking on a highway to the East. «Dream with which we have free elections, that will be (President Nicolas) mature and that we can get out of this nightmare in which live all Venezuelans», added the 48-year old merchant, who leads a Venezuelan flag on the back.
Guided had asked previously to the European Union (EU) «further sanctions» against the regime of President Nicolas Maduro. «We are in a dictatorship and there should be pressure», added.
«We need further sanctions by the European Union, as the United States decided it,» said the Venezuelan President.
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