translated from Spanish: «When the time comes, we will take weapons»: talk about «groups» that resist in the defense of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela

They are the hard core, the last line of Defense. And they say prepared for any scenario.
Now that many in Venezuela demanding Nicolas Maduro of power output and increasing pressure from the United States and its allies to achieve that goal, they maintain tight rows against the «imperialist aggression».
They are «the collective», groupings which proliferated by all Venezuela officially supported since Hugo Chávez came to power.
The opposition and critics of chavism accuses them of acting as paramilitary groups on the fringes of the law to enforce social control in the popular areas.
They are defined as «social movements» that contribute to the development of Government assistance programs and to feed the revolutionary flame in the neighborhoods.
They make it clear that they would defend with weapons any attempt to overthrow the Government of Nicolas Maduro.
On the eve of the March called by the opposition to renew their demand that the President resign and in support of Juan Guaidó, to which chavism plans to reply with another simultaneous, BBC News spoke to three of its leaders in one of the premises that is re often meet in downtown Caracas.
Surrounded by figures of Hugo Chávez, virgins and saints, Venezuela flags and posters with the face of Simón Bolívar, gave their opinion on the institutional crisis in which the country is since the President of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, autoproclamara» President responsible»and demanded the»cessation of encroachment»which accused Maduro.
They believe that a war in Venezuela is likely. And they say that they are ready.
«Subero», an exmilitar ready to «fight to death» Subero was one of those who paid with prison his failed rebellion.
With 47 years and father of 3 children, this exmilitar who does not want to give his name says ready to fight another battle for the Bolivarian revolution.
It will not be the first.
Retired Sergeant, was, according to legend, one of the soldiers who took part in the uprising led by Hugo Chávez against then President Carlos Andrés Pérez in 1992.
Like Chavez, «I Subero» was one of those who paid with prison his failed rebellion.
February 4, which name the date of the coup, milestone founding of chavism is now at the forefront of the collective.
Loyalty to the Commander Chávez and his project, now in its worst moment because of the economic crisis and diplomatic pressure against the Government of ripe, are tattooed in his biography.
For him, what happens today in Venezuela is «a situation induced by outside powers» and that they have good opponents friends.
He believes that what is prepared is an invasion of Venezuela. And in that scenario, it asserts «ready and willing» to war.
Although it makes distinctions: «I am prepared to shoot to outsiders, not to shoot the people».
Jorge Navas, a veteran fighter willing to be «the nightmare of the gringos» Navas also shown willing to fight for their ideals of left.
Lebanon, El Salvador, Nicaragua…
Jorge Navas has that he has fought for his ideals of left in many parts of the world.
Now he is determined to do so in Venezuela, where it believed likely that «there is a conflict with many casualties».
He explains his point of view in the local community while an old television broadcasts live on the State network the rally that Diosdado Cabello, key leader of chavism, tries to rouse a crowd of Government supporters.
The words of one and the other are almost overlapping.
The Government takes days warning that is preparing an «international operation» and calling for resistance.
Navas is that attend those calls and encouraging precedents in history.
«The United States has a nightmare which is Viet Nam. Who says that Venezuela may not be the new Viet Nam?»
His thesis is that «Venezuela has many forest and the gringos can not win a guerrilla war».
It is already prepared for an armed conflict.
«We are a militia. When the time comes, we will take weapons», says.
It ensures that it is willing to leave it all in combat.
«I would deliver my life by the Bolivarian ideal, mostly for dignity, to not humiliate me to the Americans».
«Shadow» and its «war to death» in defense of the legacy of Chavez the group to which it belongs, takes its name from the decree with which the Liberator Simón Bolívar called in 1813 to fight without quarter against the Spaniards who would lead to the independence of Venezuela.
It was the Decree of «war to the death».
And for that, for the war to the death, it is prepared «Shadow», who prefers not to give his full name and note that, in addition to «the social struggles», works in the security sector.
While you are willing to everything, he prefers other scenarios before the violence. «We want things to be resolved through dialogue.»
He says that in Venezuela can live in «different ideologies», but claimed respect for what, according to him, Venezuelans expressed at the ballot box.
On Saturday there is called demonstrations for and against Maduro.
«My vote is worth and I want to keep the legacy of Chavez in the President Nicolás Maduro,» he says referring to the presidential elections in 2018 that Maduro was re-elected. The majority of the opposition did not want to participate because it considered them a fraud and neither United States nor the European Union recognized the results because, they said, had not given the necessary guarantees.
Shadow has no doubt that «Maduro is the constitutional President» of his country and believes that his «beautiful homeland» current problems are due to that «many not learned of the great legacy left by the eternal Commander».
Saturday will be one of those who, imbued with martial spirit, participate in the pro-Government March held to answer the opposition.
«I would die for the revolution, Yes to,» says convinced.

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