translated from Spanish: Young Mexicans create biofuel able to replace carbon

Mexico-young Mexicans earn sixth edition of the sustainable innovation award with an ecological fuel made from almond able to replace wood or coal waste in the production processes of industries, told Efe Sahara Salazar, industrial Manager of the initiative.
“Biomass Samajo” is the project that proposes the use of the fruit of the “Indian type of hard-shelled almond” to produce a fuel renewable, eco, friendly with the environment and that it does not generate toxic gases to the atmosphere.
Salazar explained that this species of almond tree can be seen in the Mexican Southeast, especially in the town of Miguel Colorado, in the State of Campeche.
This tree already provided shade to the settlers but were not known what was the result that threw, which, until recently, was considered trash.
We realized tells that the fruit was under two layers, the first is a soft shell, and below there are other hard-shelled. Within it we find the almond, and began to investigate what properties had,”said Salazar.
the multidisciplinary team of “Biomass Samajo” discovered that, when processing this fruit, the first thin and soft shell, you can make compost; second shell, the hardest, is taken off the almond, crushed, powder, compacts and remains in a texture similar to the coal.
“Thus arrived at the biofuel… can have a strong production potential in the industries that need to maintain high temperatures in their production processes”. “, said Salazar
also discussed the similarities of this fruit with common almonds and discovered that they have the same nutritional quality and the same properties as the almond which is commonly consumed in Mexico, which is imported from Asia and” Europe.
With this result we began developing foodstuffs such as crowbars, nutritional bars and marzipan”, said Salazar.
though these trees grow in a warm climate, are trying to replicate the production in the city of Mexico and the State of Tamaulipas, where so far “are sprouting nicely”.
“Biomass Samajo” was the winning project of the sixth edition of the sustainable innovation award (PIS) 2018 the company Walmart of Mexico and Central America, which supports Mexican talent.
In this regard, Juan Carlos Camargo, Assistant Director of the sustainability of the company, told Efe that this contest “has the objective of supporting young entrepreneurs who have new ideas to solve environmental problems”.
in 2018 received 120 proposals and the best became a process of acceleration, where entrepreneurs were advised to enhance your idea and turn it into a business with the support of development of entrepreneurship, Sociolab “experts”.
The cash prize that was awarded to the winners “is a seed capital” to start the development of the project, said.
“Biomass Samajo” emerged 2 years ago gradually progress in their research and development.
The patent and the registration of marks of their products is currently in process of processing.
Indeed, already began selling its products in small quantities in the State of Campeche, where hectares planted with 150 almond trees already have.
Thanks to the seed capital that were obtained, they now seek to extend the production.
With respect to the prize, Salazar said that is just is a small step to reach the goal.
sustainability is an issue with many involved that must establish collaborations, alliances and impulses to young people to solve environmental problems”. He explained Camargo.
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