translated from Spanish: Chile’s largest dog was appointed Ambassador of the responsible tenure of the farm

Achilles weighs more than 90 pounds and has a height approximately 2.10. Sleeps on a mattress of square and a half and eats 1.5 kilos a day of special Fitness food.
«Since the puppy was different. In addition to being the largest, showed a very affable, especially with women and children. «It is more than a pet, it is a child, and as such, key member of our family», said Francisco Rivera, owner of the dog.
The great Dane is 4 years old and is the world’s largest Chile dog. Why he was appointed Ambassador responsible for holding by the municipality of La Granja, in the framework of the activities by the law Cholito.
Important recognition was performed during a crowded municipal activity of free veterinary care, installation of chips and vaccines to more than 500 pets of the commune.
«Our goal is to encourage responsible ownership pet in the commune and, through Achilles, as representative of the pet, make a call to the neighbors so they worry keep them with their shots a day and fulfilling the law Cholito», said Marcelo Ortiz, City Manager, who handed over on behalf of Mayor Felipe Delpin a diploma to Francisco Rivera and the other to the footballer Honoree of the day.

«Is like a son» it was the Mayor Felipe Delpin who met Achilles during one of the operatives of municipal chips in San Gregorio, place of residence of the canine population, and was amazed by the care and affection received from his family.
«It is a wonderful dog and an example of responsible ownership in the commune,» warned the authority at the time, who decided to honor him and give important communal recognition. «Is like a child» Francisco was excited by the municipal recognition and thanked for the operational and importance given to responsible ownership in the commune. In fact, Achilles, is the patient dog of the Municipal Veterinary Clinic.
«In our neighborhood is all a celebrity and has shown to have great affection for children, especially children with disabilities. He is a very intelligent dog and immediately recognizes the good people», it says.
Rivera works as a clown «Coquito» along with his family in his traveling circus «Big smiles». Explains that you although Achilles is very friend of children, does not work in the circus, because he is in charge of guarding the Homestead rather.
During the activity and demonstrating his title, Achilles was the better ported dog and was photographed with all who came to greet him.

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