translated from Spanish: Daughter of Chilean became the President of the Senate youngest in Bolivia

Adriana Salvatierra Arriaza, with 29 years, became the Senate President in the history of Bolivia.La young Senator began his militancy in the M rotary vane to Socialism (MAS) of Bolivia, which supports President Evo Morales, when he was 16 years old. Salvatierra said that his mother, of Chilean origin, Luisa Herminia Arriaza, campaigned at the time the Communist Party’s youth in our country, in both his father, «Hugo Salvatierra, was the main political operator of the more». The Senator also said that «for me, to be young is questioning absolutely everything that exists. «That was what made Evo and that was what made the most: a Republic that was inclusive, that did not appreciate the indigenous, which discriminated against the poor and the peasant question». Salvatierra, among other things, is recognized for having worked hard in the fight against violence against women, had been President of the Justice Commission of the Senado.Respecto the appointment Evo Morales also said be «proud» of his choice. Meanwhile Vice President Álvaro García Linera stressed that opponents «speak of renewal with the nomination of political dinosaurs, the most awarded third place in command of the country a young brave, smart, fighter and great capacity of» driving».

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