translated from Spanish: Ensure that «Chapo» Guzmán escaped and raped minors

Alex Cifuentes, one of the witness in the trial that is currently performed against «Chapo» Guzmán on United States recounted that Mexican bonnet drugged and raped girls referred to as «vitamins» to stay young.» Guzman called them ‘vitamins’ because he believed that having sex with minors was ‘life’ «, explained Cifuentes.Acorde Cifuentes, who was one of the exsecretarios of the Chapo and for years his cocaine supplier, was a woman that sent to Hood’s» drug pictures of girls from 13 years, against which it chose which wanted to have sex, to pay up to $5,000 for each. Cifuentes also acknowledged that it used this service on three or four occasions, and had sex with teenagers who sometimes had just 15 years «and saw the accused to do so multiple times with girls that sometimes had only 13 years». The denunciation of Cifuentes indicates that the ex-Chief of the Sinaloa cartel, Joaquín «Chapo» Guzmán, of 61 years, sometimes drugged the children with «a powdery substance» before violating them, with the help of himself, an adept of witchcraft who believes in UFOs and was convinced of that the Apocalypse would begin in 2012, according to the prosecution documents. As long as the lawyer of the «Chapo», Eduardo Balarezo, said through a statement sent by e-mail that den «Joaquin denies the charges, which have not been substantiated and were considered too harmful and not reliable to be admitted in» the trial’.» It is unfortunate that the material has been broadcast publicly just prior to the jury’s deliberations,»he added. Alex Cifuentes, aged 50, is narco-traficante from the 10, and was arrested in Mexico in 2013 and then deported from Colombia to the United States, where he collaborates with justice in pursuit of a reduction of his sentence.

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