translated from Spanish: Giant bottles appear in La Serena Beach

Two huge bottles of 12 metres in length appeared during this Saturday on the beach of La Serena. The action led by Greenpeace over the weekend that puts an end to plastic bags, look alert to the need to go now for the Elimination of the single-use plastics.
«What we seek with this activity is to show holiday-makers are waste plastics that are most frequently on the beaches of Chile and the world.» In this context, bottles, glasses, cutlery and bulbs, are the most massive element as trash that floods our seas and coasts,»said Mauricio Ceballos, spokesman of movement Chile without plastics of Greenpeace.
«Up to 25 000 tonnes of plastic waste end up every year in our seas due to the poor management of these wastes. The figure is equivalent to 3,220 African elephants. It is an overwhelming figure that reveals the way in which the use and throw culture has its greatest exponent in products made with plastic», added in Chile, the consumption of plastics per person is 51 kilos per year. In fact, in the period from 2010 to 2015, that figure increased by five kilos. Respect only of plastic packaging and containers if the consumption per person was almost 20 kilos a year 2009, it is estimated that it will go to about 40 kilos by 2020.
«Remove plastic bags from the environment has been a great triumph citizen, but plastic tsunami is so great we will continue flooded him if that does not put an end to single-use items», said Ceballos.
There are more steps to the NGO, «citizenship is aware of these harmful effects and why we need the Government to be bolder and rush a ban for elements that don’t make any sense in the majority of cases».
«We need a Ministry of environment and a Minister who assume its political role and, at the same time that promotes campaigns, lead the presentation of a set of rules that, as the European Union, has already decided to brake to single-use plastics» He added.
Moreover, Ceballos said that «it is not that the municipalities of the country, just as it did with the plastic bags, are being more adventurous and marking the course» for his part, the Mayor of La Serena, Roberto Jacob, who was present at the activity, said that you as municipality reiterated its ours with the care of the environment. «We are making a major effort to reduce the garbage and plastic waste that are contaminating not only our neighborhoods, but also our beaches and therefore we were pioneers in the call not to use plastic bags much before he left the law, what» It meant a cultural change that today is internalized by the majority of those who live in our city», he said.
«For this reason, and as other municipalities are already doing, we want to analyze the best formulas to prevent plastic waste, especially bottles, follow polluting and littering our community and we can have a clean place as all we want,» he added.
Against pollution with giant bottles in La Serena was the launch of a tour of several coastal cities in the country where Greenpeace is intended to alert about the negative effects of pollution by plastics.
Next to the bottles, the NGO will cleanup of beaches and «audits» to know what are the brands that are more polluting the main centres of summer.
Bottles are 12 metres long and recycled plastic was used for its production. They have been used in several actions in the world, including Croatia, Spain and Hong Kong. From Chile remain month heading to other countries to participate in other campaigns of alert regarding pollution by plastics.

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