translated from Spanish: Knight offers a sober version of the hymn to home to Super Bowl LIII

Atlanta, United States.-the singer Gladys Knight was commissioned to begin Super Bowl LIII to sing the national anthem at the event prior to the start of the match for the title V ince Lombardi who disputed the New England Patriots and the Rams of the Angeles.en a night with tone of music «R & B», Knight joined the playfield of the Mercedes-Benz of Atlanta with a white dress to offer its interpretation of the national words, that in this occasion did not have any of the players on their knees, what had become a controversial protest within the fields of the National League of American football (NFL).

The singer Gladys Knight during his presentation at the Super Bowl LIII/AFP Knight, better known as «Empress of Soul», is a singer, author, actress and seven-time winner award Grammy.Durante the moment that Knight sang the national anthem be witnessed pictures of us soldiers posted abroad, pending the outcome of the football game that freezes throughout the country, even outside its borders.
Before the sober interpretation of the singer that emerged in the scenarios in the Decade of the 60’s, the sisters Chloe by Halle, African-American like Knight, and as she interpreted «Soul» music and «R & B», the Grammy-nominated, they interpreted the theme «America the Beautiful». Players from both teams were respectful, attentive to the interpretations and greeting with the hand on the chest.

The singer Gladys Knight during his presentation at the Super Bowl LIII/AFP as is already a tradition, at the conclusion of the interpretation of the national anthem, a squad of six warplanes of the United States air force crossed the sky of Atlanta, passing exactly on the field of the local Falcons game to give opportunity to more than 77,000 attendees see the passage of aircraft. Mercedez-Benz, that cost 1,600 million dollars and was inaugurated in 2017, had discovered the retractable roof, since the weather conditions for the Atlanta area are clear skies and a temperature of seven degrees Celsius.

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