translated from Spanish: Mario Carroza is postulated to the Supreme Court for quota left by Milton Juica

The fourth is lucky. Judge Mario Carroza, Minister on visit to causes of violations of the human rights of the Court of appeals of Santiago, is again applying for joining as a Minister to the Supreme Court.
According to El Mercurio slogan, float seeks to stay with the space left by the former Minister of the Supreme Court, Milton Juica. The judge who accused the former general director of Carabineros, Bruno Villalobos, deliver contradictory statements in the case of the death of Patricio Manzano already filed with the Court his candidacy to the post.
«During the voting process, each Minister of the plenary of the Court has three votes. «Agree to judges who have been in this instance, in the discussion and subsequent selection weigh issues like the antique (…), the relationship with their peers, their professional development and if faults are not constantly reversed by the Supreme Court», said the morning show.
Nominations departed on Friday of last week after it was published in the official journal the vacancy left by Juica.
It should be recalled that earlier carriage already had tried to enter the Court, receiving favorable votes from the Ministers Sergio Muñoz, Hugo Dolmestch, and Rosa Egnem. However, these votes were not enough because five is the best to fight for a place in the list.
Float has curriculum and is currently investigating cases such as the murder of Jaime Guzmán and irregular adoptions that occurred in Chile between 1960 and 1990.

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