translated from Spanish: Ministry of science and technology: a more competitive country

With great attention and expectation I have observed the implementation of the new Ministry of science, technology, knowledge and innovation, a milestone that gives an institutional framework to promote the scientific development of the country.
Although Chile has managed to Excel in various international rankings as best ecosystem of innovation in Latin America and its macroeconomic strength, still presents important gaps which surely will be part of the new Government agency challenges.
One, says relationship with more collaborative research between academia and business, as well as a significant increase in the funds earmarked for investment in research and development. It should be recalled, in relation to our GDP, we have one of the lowest among the OECD countries (less than 1%).
On the other hand, we need to arouse greater interest in new generations by the knowledge and the diffusion of science. How? Encouraging instances of education and training for the development of talents and initiatives, with a focus on increased participation and female representation in this area. Achieved increase the number of women in engineering and mathematics, could be a good starting point.
Other stuff to keep in mind are the mechanisms of protection of ideas and innovations in the world of science and research. Let us not forget that, in an era of knowledge, intellectual capital is an intangible value that translates into economic and social development, reason enough to generate incentives that allow more innovation to the interior of the organizations and companies, as also lay the legal foundations for a self-defence and protection of intellectual and industrial property, especially today, in the era of the digital transformation.

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