translated from Spanish: See after 11 years who saved by the love of his life

Taiwan-Lian is a Taiwanese man who donated blood regularly because he believes his blood to help save the life of a stranger. But he little knew that someday that this Act would save his future spouse. The story began 11 years ago when a Taiwanese woman surname Lim had a serious car accident and almost lost his life because their coagulation mechanism was not working to the optimum level. Fortunately, his condition stabilized after that ten packets of blood and two packages of platelets is transfundieran your body to stop the bleeding.

Photo: Fast AFP seven years later, Lim returned to Hsinchu, a city in the North of Taiwan, to take charge of his family business and it was then when he met Lian, a rice saleswoman. It is not known who made the first move, but things were launched and soon became a couple. One day, both spoke of their respective near-death experience, and suddenly, Lim interested him discover who he was blood donor who saved her a decade ago. She continued calling hospitals and blood centers, but she was told that the donor information is confidential. He continued coaxing staff and stated that he only wanted to know the identity of their Savior.

Photo: AFP the staff finally relented and revealed the surname, which is Lian. Instinctively, he read aloud the identification number of your spouse and the staff was stunned.” “How do we know that?” Asked the staff. Apparently, Lian began to donate blood and platelets since he was 20 years old, and were their platelets which saved the life of Lim 11 years ago. After being in a serious relationship for two years, they married in March of 2018.

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