translated from Spanish: The emotional speech of Ellen Page against Trump and his policies anti-LGBT

in an on and emotional speech against the Government of Donald Trump, actress Ellen Page urged viewers to «end this». «It is impossible to not feel so with the President and the Vice President Mike Pence, that they feel that I should not be married, let us be clear,» said the 31 year-old interpreter, married to the Ballerina Emma Pörtner from 2018.

«The Vice President of the United States wish that she was not in love with my spouse, wanted to ban it in Indiana, believes in conversion therapy, the LGBT community has hurt as badly as Governor of that district,» lamented in the program «Late Show with» Stephen Colbert». In this line, called «connect the dots» about the brutal episode that actor Jussie Smollett experienced Tuesday, January 29: «If you are in a position of power and hate people, want to cause suffering and pass your career trying to cause suffering what you believe that?» it going to happen? «, it added, with the broken voice.

«The kids and girls are going to be abused, and will commit suicide. People are going to be attacked in the streets. «I’ve traveled the world and I’ve met the most marginal people in the world, I am very lucky to have this time and the privilege of saying this: this needs to be completed», concluded.

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