translated from Spanish: The million-dollar losses that would have CuentaRut users must have BancoEstado if you delete collection of CuentaRUT to older adults

more than clear. To turn money into a cash machine, check the monthly statements, and even transfers, they involve an additional charge; weights that are subtracted from your balance with each of these operations.
And although BancoEstado, in October 2018, took a step and reported the Elimination of charging $100 for consultation of balance in all its ATMs, buzoneras and dispensers, the days of those charges seem to be far from over.
And it is that, as it provides pulse, more than $8,500 billion annually in additional losses in the product CuentaRut you would to BancoEstado an eventual elimination of payments only to older adults.
That was the response of the financial institution members of national renewal, Leopoldo Pérez and Marcela Sabat, predicting even that the red numbers would have «relevant annual growth».
Remember that parliamentarians, more than one month ago, they requested to BancoEstado eliminate payments for use of the CuentaRut to elderly clients, even met with the Executive flat Bank, which, however, responded with a resounding no on a trade that ensures that this product the Bank lost more than ten billion last year, it would be impossible to make an effort like this.
Mr Sabat and Perez officiated the company also so explain the pilot scheme which is being developed for the new tariff that will operate this card.
There, BancoEstado explained that the white March started December 20, 2018 and estimates that it will extend until this month in five branches: San Felipe, Los Andes, Calle Larga, Santa Teresa, and Putaendo.
Plan would lower the cost of a turn in an ATM BancoEstado or CajaVecina from $300 to $200, while it will increase from $300 to $480 in ATMs of other banks.

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