translated from Spanish: They are the aircraft on which room was the channel

Spain-21 January the private plane in which the Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala elviajaba disappeared. The aircraft was found Sunday at the bottom of the channel, reported the equipment of a private company that is in charge of the search. David Ibbotson piloted the aircraft carrying Emiliano Sala Monday, January 21 between Nantes and Cardiff, which was found by the search team private directed by David Mearns, who confirmed on his Twitter account. The vessel of the ‘Air Accidents Investigation Branch’ (AAIB), responsible for research in the United Kingdom air accidents, will oversee the recovery of remains. 

The plane on which was the channel room found. Photo: EFE was unveiled that the families of the two missing persons were informed of the discovery by police. January 28 Player family began an search operation on their own once the British authorities decided to cease the work of localization of the player and the pilot of the aircraft that trace was lost when they were flying from Nantes towards Cardiff. They managed to raise the necessary money in a campaign which was attended by stars from the world of football as Adrien Rabiot, Dimitri Payet, Alejandro ‘Papu’ Gómez or Ilkay Gundogan. Funding began to fly over the area that was the last contact with the aircraft in search of some trace that would clarify what happened. On 30 January the AAIB announced the start of an underwater search once the French authorities find remains that may belong to its aircraft. 

They had found two airline seat cushions on a beach in Normandy which, according to the first investigations, could belong to the Piper PA-46 Malibu that was lost from radar. The footballer flew with destination to Cardiff (United Kingdom) to join his new club once this made higher disbursement of its history to pay $ 17 million for the transfer. Emiliano Sala had signed this year a major campaign at Nantes, the French first division, where he scored 12 goals. 

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