translated from Spanish: They closed down nine bars in unhealthy conditions for clients

Pichucalco, Chiapas-within the framework of the Regional program on prevention, safety and justice in Chiapas, elements of the General State Prosecutor’s Office conducted inspections to establishments rotation of bars and pubs in municipalities in the area north of the State, in order to prevent the sale of alcoholic beverages to minors, the crime of trafficking in persons and verify permissions and security conditions. Derived from these actions carried out by operating personnel of the public prosecutor in North District, were closed the following bars do not have documentation for the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Business closed during the operation in Chiapas. | Courtesy “The rest” in the town of Bochil, “La table de Rincón”, “San Sebastián” and “La Dueña 1968” in the municipality of Simojovel, three unnamed in the municipality of village new Solistahuacan, “Riviera” and “Los Tucanes” in the municipality of Pichucalco.

This operation had knowledge the Ministry of health, Civil protection and city councils, for procedures and corresponding legal effects. It should be noted that these actions are derived from the effectiveness of the work of the Bureau of security headed by Governor Rutilio Escandón every day in order to ensure the tranquility of the Chiapas, in which participates the Attorney general Jorge Luis Llaven Abarca, to attend and monitor allegations of citizenship.

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