translated from Spanish: Trump acknowledged that you rejected a request from mature to meet and returned to consider military intervention

the President of United States, Donald Trump, has acknowledged that he rejected a request formulated «a few months ago» by the presiding NTE of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, to hold a meeting on the State of bilateral relations, and that the military intervention in the Latin American country is still «an option». United States has required to mature out of power after recognising the President of the opposition National Assembly of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, as the country’s legitimate President. The European Union has given term to mature until this Sunday to convene Presidential elections or accept the legitimacy of the opposition at the head of the country.» The truth is (Maduro) called me for a meeting and I refused it, given the advanced that we were in this process, «said Trump, according to the transcript of the interview with the CBS, about this meeting requested by the Venezuelan President. By ‘process’, Trump seemed to refer to the «big, huge demonstrations (against Maduro)», without giving more details. «We’ll see what happened, but makes some months I wanted to meet us», added. Trump said after that he refused a meeting with Maduro because «in Venezuela really horrible things have happened». «It was the richest country in that part of the world. And now you see poverty, see anguish and see crime and look at all the things that are happening,»said. Trump also indicated that military intervention in Venezuela «is an option», as already indicated his Adviser for national security, John Bolton, if the Venezuelan President does not give up power.

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