translated from Spanish: Detain alleged ringleader of the CJNG which operated in Uruapan

Uruapan, Michoacan.-alleged leader of a criminal cell at the service of the Jalisco new generation Cartel (CÁRTEL) was arrested and his disjointed group, which operated in this region of Uruapan, everything happened in a recent operation of the Michoacan police; together with the accused were arrested more gatilleros assumptions.
During the work of intelligence the guardians of order was seized to Hugo M. Víctor, 30 years old, aka «The flame» or «The Flamingo», so-called ringleader of the cell which had presence in Uruapan.
The other suspects are Arturo G. «The Turi», of 20 years of age; Luis Enrique R. «The Frankie», of 25 years of age; Miguel Angel S. «The donkey», 20 years of age; Valente P. «The avocado», 26 years old and a 17-year-old minor, nicknamed «20».
Five long guns, were secured to these people five kilos of marijuana, different tactical equipment, chargers and cartridges of different calibers, as well as two vehicles with reports of theft, one of them armored.
The capture of these people was in the corner of the street Cupatitzio with ring ring in the colony La Tamacua in this town of Uruapan. According to official data, this criminal group which was dismantled was appointed by the CJNG to «fight the square» with the criminal organization known as «Los viagra».

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