translated from Spanish: Events of February 4: what a day like today?

in another February 4, but in 1931, 80 years ago, born María Estela Martínez de Perón, former Argentine President.

Photo: Internet other efemerides:1782.-British troops who had seized the island of Menorca surrender to the attack of the hispano-frances.1783 Army-several earthquakes in Aleppo (Syria) cause the death of 22 thousand personas.1794.-the French Convention voted the abolition of slavery in their colonias.1797.-an earthquake destroys the city of Quito and die more than 41 thousand personas.1817-the troops of general San Martín defeated the Spanish in the Gorge of Achupallas, first triumph of the so-called «army Libertador», that would give independence to Chile.1860.-battle of Tetuan, in which Spanish forces defeat the kabilas arabes.1867.-troops of Emperor Maximilian due to the Mexican Patriots in the burning (State of San Luis Potosi).1884-Ecuador proclaims a new Constitution and elected President Jose caamano.1897.-the Spanish Government, presided over by Antonio Cánovas del Castillo, promulgated a decree of autonomy for Cuba and Puerto Rico.1902-born Charles Lindbergh, Aviator estadounidense.1914-EU given wide freedom to export to Mexico weapons and municiones.1922.-return to China the territory of Shantung Treaty Chinese-japones.1923.-born Belisario Betancur, former President of Colombia.1924-released Mahatma Gandhi, nationalist leader Indio.1927.-the Mexican Government raises foreign clergymen, except Spanish, reside in the pais.1938.-ban Hitler Supreme Commander of the armed forces self-proclaimed alemanas.1943-World War II: sunk by German submarines Thirteen Allied ships of a convoy loaded with armas.1945-begins the Yalta (Crimean) Conference, in which Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin treat the problems resulting from the second world war and established the zones of influence in Europa.1947-nationalized utilities britanicas.1948-independence of Ceylon (today Sri Lanka) of the British Empire-born Josefa Flores («Marisol»), actress and singer espanola.1952-born Abdalá Bucaram, former President of Ecuador.1962.-the Argentine Government prohibits the ex President Perón stand as a candidate for Governor for the province of Buenos Aires.1972.-U.S. probe «Mariner IX» transmits pictures from Marte.1974-kidnapping of Patricia Hearst, daughter of the financier of the American press, then joined to its captores.1978-municipal elections in Nicaragua. The sandinistas announced the war civil.1984-is given to know that an infertile woman gave birth in the month of January, after the implantation of a fertilized egg in another woman in Los Angeles (California, US).1987-die Valentino Liberace, pianist estadounidense.1988.- The US Congress vote negatively the proposal of President Ronald Reagan granted $ 36 million to the ‘against’ nicaraguense.1990.-Rafael Calderón is elected President of Costa Rica.1992-attempt military attempted to overthrow to the Venezuelan President, Carlos Andrés Pérez, headed by Lieutenant Colonel Hugo chavez.1995.-dies Patricia Plangman, known as Patricia Highsmith, author estadounidense.1996-Guatemalan President, Alvaro Arzú, leaves unscathed an attack on Ancient Guatemala.1998.-an earthquake of 6.1 magnitude on the Richter scale shakes northern Afghanistan and caused 4,500 dead and 30,000 damnificados.2003.-Belgrade’s Parliament proclaimed the new State of Serbia and Montenegro.2007-die Barbara McNair, actress and singer estadounidense.2008-millions of people are manifested in 130 cities in the world against the Colombian guerrillas of the FARC-dies the Cuban percussionist Federico Aristides Soto Alejo, known as Tata Güines in this note:

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