translated from Spanish: Frei family lawyer responds to request for Lillo to the IACHR: “Is pointless”

During this day, Frei, Nelson Caucoto, family lawyer criticized the measure announced last weekend the ex-agent Raul Lillo, convicted in the first instance to seven years in prison for the killing of the former President Eduard or Frei Montalva.
It should be recalled that the kids of the National Center of information (CNI) will raise a petition to the Inter-American Commission of human rights (IACHR) which will argue that “due process” is violated in his case.
According to La Tercera slogan, according to Lillo document requests that “required background the State of Chile about the manner in which the judge Alejandro Madrid has carried the cause”, and speaks of a “cruel and inhuman” treatment against.
About this, Caucoto said that “the convicted or prosecuted have every right to resort world where they want.” I have greeted the defences of the accused because they have had the possibility of making the request”consider necessary.
However, the representative of family Frei emphasized that in this case “nobody can hold never that due process has not been addressed”, and dismissed that submission of Lillo has any effect. “I would not comment on the substance of the request, but I think that it is absolutely pointless.” You won’t get absolutely nothing”, he said.
Caucoto said that review the judgment and see if there are defects in the procedure, the shape or the Fund corresponds to the courts in Chile. Also insisted that Lillo “played an important role” in the death of Frei, as head of a unit of the CNI.

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