translated from Spanish: International organizations will collaborate in search for missing

the Government of the Republic submitted its Plan to combat enforced disappearances and help to identify thousands of bodies that remain in the forensic services in the country.
This will create a National Institute of forensic identification, be also strengthened a database containing information of jails, forensic, cemeteries, migrant holding centres, among others.
Both participate in international bodies such as the UN, the IACHR and the Red Cross, among others, explained Undersecretary of human rights, Alejandro Encinas.
During the morning Conference on Monday, said that the main objective is to design, with the participation of the families of the victims, the public general and political bases for the search and find the missing.
«The State will assume its responsibility» in these crimes, he added.
He assured that it sanctioned those responsible and will prevent the disappearance, «real damage repair is to make justice».
So far, explained, the National Commission of search (CNB) and other actions have been a simulation of the last Government, because although there has been progress in laws, not they been implemented and met its objectives.
For these tasks they went for this year $ 400 million of pesos for the CNB, and he is expected to be able to access more resources from the Fund of contributions for the public safety (FASP) which has 7 billion pesos.
Oaks explained that the previous Government gathered 468,946 million pesos, but only 6 million, be exercised resulting in lack of development, as well as technical and human limitations.
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