translated from Spanish: Mature said he asked help dad Francisco to to «facilitate» a process of dialogue

the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has revealed Monday that it has sent a letter to the Pope Francisco «help» to take forward a pr oceso of dialogue to overcome the political crisis affecting the South American country.» I sent a letter to the Pope Francisco. I hope you’re on way or has arrived in Rome, the Vatican», he said, before adding that it has moved you is»at the service of the cause of Christ».» In that spirit I have asked you to help us to a process of facilitation, strengthening of dialogue as the way», has pointed out, at the time the appeal led by Mexico and Uruguay in favour of a process of dialogue that recalled. Thus, Maduro asked the Pope «to put their best efforts, their will, to help us in this path of dialogue». «Hopefully have a positive response», has riveted, in an interview with the Italian television station Sky TG24. The President of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, who proclaimed himself «President charge», has rejected any «fake» dialogue with Maduro and has declined to accept the proposal made by Mexico and Uruguay.El January 23, guided proclaimed himself «President officer», in response to the decision of Maduro start January 10th a second term that neither the opposition nor much of the international community to recognize because they say it relies on presidential elections, the May 20, non-democratic. Guided set as a ‘roadmap’ cease the «usurpation of power» and create a transitional Government that would lead to the holding of a «free» election. United States, Canada and most of the countries of the region have recognized him as»President» and have offered their support in this «democratic transition». During the day Monday, a dozen of Governments of the European Union (EU) – Spain, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania and Denmark – have recognized guided as a legitimate President. At least 43 people have died in the protests, according to the High Commissioner for human rights United Nations, and more than 900 have been arrested, according to the data updated Thursday by the Venezuelan Penal Forum NGO.

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