translated from Spanish: «People get tired of so much click transa», AMLO on case model

photo / Internet City of Mexico.-«people get tired of so much click transa!», said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador by warning that it will not tolerate any act of corruption but is try autonomous powers.
«The judge, judge or Minister to protect a criminal white collar, which overlap corruption when less is going to be reported, at least nothing of I’m going to stay quiet.» Respect to another power is one thing and another that, knowing that there was a transaction I stay quiet because I am not going to be an accomplice people get tired of so much click tranza! To be clear».
So he warned him this morning, once acknowledged that the Executive intervened with the judiciary to curb the opinion that ordered the federal Government to return around 30 million pesos to the former partners of Grupo Modelo.
«If we intervene, the legal adviser of the Presidency in a very respectful way with the Director of the SAT. It is one thing to order them, another thing is present as anyone, can anyone interested, arguments, to hear the Parties until a resolution is issued. «There was a project, a Minister had an elaborate to be paid, which return the tax on income (income tax), was already the project and other Ministers voted against».
He warned that a judge of the Supreme Court of Justice of the nation already had prepared an opinion to apply this return but they managed to stop him because this could lead to a cascade of demands from individuals who had them to do the same million-dollar returns.
So it was clear that will not allow that there are acts of corruption among public officials and private as it did for many years.
The President signed that there is a group of lawyers trading returns for their clients by up to 12 billion pesos with this type of agreements with other powers. I had the federal Government to deduct such resource of the interests of States.
So it insisted that the fight against corruption in his Government will not reverse.
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