translated from Spanish: What happened with the Big Mac? the day McDonald’s lost and reacted how Burger King

for years, the Big Mac became one of the most economical lunch choices and chosen by McDonald’s customers. However, a dispute between another franchise took away the rights on the burger. The conflict goes back to 2014, when Supermac completo – an Irish based company – tried to record «Super Mac» but the U.S. company avoided their competence to fulfill the objective: denounced the similarity of the name with your Big Mac.

Among its arguments, the US giant said that this could lead to confusion in much of the public. For its part, the Office of property intellectual of the European Union (team) ruled in favour of the company of the clown. SuperMac completo did not end the battle and years later (2017) insisted with the order. It was alleged that McDonald’s simply «registers names which stores for use against its competitors». 

Big Mac | Photo: Twitter on this occasion the team granted him demanded and took the rights of its iconic Burger. As resolution, the ruling allows other companies may use the name «Big Mac». McDonald’s not intended to resign. As it transpired, will resolve appeal and show sufficient evidence proving the use of his mark in Europa.Tras the fact, what did Burger King?
The direct competitor of McDonald’s was not idly. After what happened, Burger King mocked his adversary in its premises located in Sweden and through the Internet.

The mockery of Burger King and McDonald’s | Source: Twitter «Not is a Big Mac», could read in their posters that offer combos of fast food, accompanied by other phrases which also parody the loss of rights which suffered its commercial competition: «like a Big Mac, but truly great».

Also included a video in which customers come to ask for a burger as the Big Mac. «Like a Big Mac but more flavorful and juicy», are some of the phrases that resonate.

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