translated from Spanish: CDMX Government removes program for gifted children

the Government of city of Mexico eliminated the integrated programme for the diagnosis and attention to the intellectual Sobredotacion (PIDASI), which benefited 300 minors, however, 203 of the beneficiaries will now be in the plan children with talent.
7 Mexican children who are changing the world, once the head of Government, Claudia Sheinbuam, explained that the PIDASI had ceased to operate, considering that «there is no scientific study that can define if there is some exceptionally gifted child or not, as such».
Sheinbaum said already is working with federal authorities to assist minors in topics as preparation of teachers.
According to the City Government, the program ceased to give economic support from 31 December 2018 to 97 recipients by «various breaches to the rules of operation», as you have more than one social program in the same family or have more than four failures to the academic activities which provided the program.
Bullying to intelligence: the discrimination to outstanding children in Mexico as the 203, children and adolescents remaining now incorporated to the girls and children talent programme under the same rules of operation, activities, classes and schedules, without change some.
«The girls and children talent program continues to work regularly, making the academic, artistic and sporting activities. As well as the economic benefits laid down in the rules of operation», explained the City Government in a statement.
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