translated from Spanish: Events of February 5: what a day like today?

in another Feb. 5 but in 1914, a century ago, born William Burroughs, American writer and one of the representatives of the beat generation.

Photo: Other efemerides:1819 EFE.-signing in Buenos Aires of a Treaty of Alliance between the Government of the United Provinces of the river of the Plata and the Chilean to end Spanish rule in Peru and ensure its independencia.1852-opens the Museum de L’Hermitag e San Petersburgo.1857.-it promulgated a new Constitution in Mexico after the dictatorship of general Santa Ana.1862-born Felipe Villanueva and Gutiérrez, composer mexicano.1864-war against Prussia and Austria Denmark: the Danish capitulation in Danewirk.1865-born Eusebio A. Morales, political panameno.1867.-leaves Mexico the expeditionary French, abandoned to their fate the Emperor Maximiliano.1874-El general Laureano Sanz, Governor of Puerto Rico, ordered the dissolution of the provincial Council Provincial, with what the island lose its autonomia.1878.-signing of the Armistice and the preliminaries of peace between Turkey and Russia… -Born André Citroen, engineer French, creator of its nombre.1880-car brand was created in Havana the Centro Gallego, the main centre of the Spanish in the extranjero.1889-interruption of the works of the Canal of Panama, to rid the company Universal Channel interoceanico.1901-Treaty “There is-Pauncefote” on the Panama canal, between Great Britain and the us. UU.1915.-Pancho Villa assumed military and civil power in mexico.1917-Mexican President Venustiano Carranza, promulgates the “Constitution of Querétaro”.1919-born Andreas Papandreou, political griego.1923.-the Government of Mussolini orders the arrest of hundreds of militants socialistas.1930.-the new Mexican President Pascual Ortiz Rubio, is wounded in attack on leaving the Palace where he had taken oath to the ministros.1933-born Miguel D’Escoto, political nicaraguense.1946-born Charlotte Rampling, actress estadounidense.1949-dissolved the Communist Tudeh Party in iran.1954-Vietmihn fence Dien well Phu.1955-falls the French Government of Pierre Mendès-France by the situation in the North of africa.1960.-opens in Meyrin, near Geneva, the largest particle accelerator mundo.1965-released Martin Luther King, who dies Violeta Parra, singer had been arrested four days earlier at Selma (Alabama) with 500 demonstrators antisegregacionistas.1967.-chilena.1971.-astronauts Americans Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell sit on the moon with the module “Antares”.1972-born Mary Elisabeth Donaldson, spouse of Crown Prince Federico of Dinamarca.1975.-the Peruvian Army aborted an uprising of the Guardia Civil peruana.1978.-the conservative Rodrigo Carazo, elected President of Costa Rica.1979-the Iranian ayolata Ruhola Jomeini back to teheran.1983.-Klaus Barbie, “the butcher of Lyon”, is detained in Bolivia.1985-born Cristiano Ronaldo, footballer portugues.1989-the ousted Paraguayan dictator Alfredo Stroessner took refuge in Brasil.1993.-dies Joseph L. Mankiewicz, filmmaker estadounidense.1994-die 66 civilians and 197 wounded in a Serb attack on the central market of Sarajevo.1996-Pope John Paul II are visit Guatemala.. -Die Antonio Ruiz Soler “Antonio”, dancer espanol.2002.-the Italian Senate approves by majority return to the country of the Savoy family, descendants of the last King of the country, Umberto II.2006-presidential elections in Costa Rica, winning narrowly, the former President Oscar Arias.2007-a patient of 67 years in his heart receives adult stem cells derived from their abdominal fat at the Gregorio Maranon Hospital of Madrid.2008-the Museum of modern art Reina Sofía in Madrid opened the exhibition of 401 works by Picasso, belonging to the Parisian Museum of the artista.2009-FARC freed the former Colombian Deputy Sigfredo lopez.2012.-the conservative Niinistö wins elections in Finland and becomes the first conservative President since 1956.

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