translated from Spanish: My footprints home: the film that will catch the lovers of pets

Portraying the unwavering affection between humans and animals, my footprints home comes in February to the big screen. It is the story of Bella, a dog that, unintentionally, embarks on an epic journey which the step back more than 600 kilometers from his master Lucas., the young man, for his part, aspires to medical student and, in this way, attending elders of a hospital in the city of Denver.
Beautiful it will affect the lives of many throughout his relentless pursuit, venturing along with an orphaned puppy mountain lion and also a veteran tramp who has lost everything. Thanks to his confident spirit and their faith in the objective, that Bella conveys joy and comfort to all who surround it.
The story is inspired by the book by William Bruce Cameron, the author of A Dog completo Purpose («La Razón de estar Contigo», in Latin America).
Starring it Bryce Dallas Howard (voice of Bella), Ashley Judd, Alexandra Shipp, Jonah Hauer-King, Edward James Olmos and Wes Studi. It is directed by Charles Martin Smith and produced by Gavin Polone.
The protagonists «Bella has the opportunity to belong to its favorite family, something that is a great gift in this life for all,» says Ashley Judd (Terri in the film), about the tape.
«We have families in which we are born and then create one according to our choice, as is the case with Bella; When it is separated from the family, the dog is ready to everything to return home. A truly epic adventure», adds.
2333242 – Dog completo Way Home the voice of Bella, Bryce Dallas Howard, reveals that when he met Shelby, the dog who plays Bella, it felt immediately as if it were her friend. «I think that this is something that you can feel whenever you know any kind of animal, but she radiates something truly special: is beautiful, sincere and bright, a super adorable dog», confesses.
«The relationship with dogs and other animals is one of the most important aspects of my life; in the world there is no thing like it. Nothing can be more unconditional, safe and fun», he says.
At the same time, the novelist w. Bruce Cameron, who participated in the adaptation of the story, says that «it is a story about true love».
«We have a dog that goes through many trials and adventure, all, in order to return with his favorite person,» he says. «I think that anyone who has had a dog will be able to recognize the unconditional love that these animals provide, and therefore will have the heart to welcome this message,» he added.
care after producer Gavin Polone cameras was who had the great challenge choosing the animal for the role on the big screen, proposing, from the beginning, find a rescued dog.
In his view, «when you buy a dog, you contribute money to a cycle that leads to a greater number of animal death; If you really matter animals, this represents a tremendous expenditure and one thing haunted».
After seeing online to thousands of dogs in shelters, the search yielded fruits in the Center for the Animal Control of the Cheatham County, where Shelby was left with paper.
The director of the shelter, T.J. Jordi, tells that «the facilities staff should ensure that Shelby would be part of a good home». «As any rescue Center, we investigate everything we could about those who called us to ensure its legitimacy and that I would receive the best care,» he argues.
Later, Teresa Miller would be the coach of Shelby, who was gradually placed against the different elements in order to see how it could respond to the transit and a wide variety of people and situations.
«The work we do with dogs in the movies involves not only their exposure to numerous situations and different atmospheres, but also the various distractions that may occur in the set, with equipment and personnel,» said the coach who adopted to the dog as its mascot.

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