translated from Spanish: The trailers of movies and series of the Super Bowl LIII

the end of the Championship of American football is the most watched year television event. A great time for brand new trailers of movies and most important series of the remainder of 2019. These were the most exciting advances of a night that disappointed fans, leaving little sport and still less show. 

TOY STORY 4: The Disney trailers were brief but sellers. Impossible not get excited with the first images of the film that closes the story of Buzz and Woody. Pixar bets on the humor in this first teaser, giving us a brilliant joke of Buzz and a look at the setting of the movie: a fair attractions. Surely has many trailers over before its premiere on 20 June. 

US: The first step of the new film by Jordan Peele (director of «Flees») took a long time to present the premise. This trailer is loaded with action and horror. The movie opens in Spain on 21 March – a day earlier than in the United States, and that not us the spoileen. 

SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK: This horror for kids movie… does not seem to be very childish. The producer is Guillermo de el Toro and note its influence in each box. It premieres in the United States in August, but here it has no date. 

Magic Park: The Paramount Studio wants to Yes or Yes its big animated success, and judging by this trailer, at least they have clear visual style that want to convey. A girl is transported to a magical world that turns out to be the amusement park that always imagined. Opens on April 11 in Argentina. 

OUR PLANET: Netflix not saturated with Super Bowl promotions, but it presented the first images of one of their most promising documentaries. Our Planet was created in collaboration with David Attenborough, responsible for the spectacular series of special Planet Earth for the BBC. Here they give even more money to shoot animals unless they see it. World premiere, April 5.
THE TWILIGHT ZONE: With its first trailer, the new version of the twilight does not want to sell us stories or great actors that will be part of its cast, but a State of mind. That discomfort that does not know what is truth and what not. April 1 opens in the United States, but no date for transmission in our country.

THE HANDMAID’s TALE: the third season of the award-winning series of Hulu promises a revolution, with a teaser that parody the antiseptic style of political advertising and in just seconds, destroys our expectations. 

Captain MARVEL: Missing just weeks to meet the heroine of Marvel, and yet the trailers seem to save the great secrets of the movie what is its origin? who is the villain? What is the plan of the fearsome Skrull? March 7 we will know. 

HANNA: Probably not you remember the original film, a thriller about a young girl genetically modified to become the perfect assassin, played by a young Saoirse Ronan. It seems that Amazon Yes remembers because not only did it produce a series based on the movie, but it opened suddenly and without warning the first chapter. The complete series can be seen in March. 

AVENGERS: ENDGAME: the first trailer we saw was the great time we all had hoped. As well as the progress that we saw a couple of months ago, Marvel sold us a devastated world and heroes who are not willing to surrender. But we won’t know anything until we go to the room on April 25. 

GAME OF THRONES: the more fun the night trailer pretends to be something completely different. An original strategy for a series that is often too solemn to be sold and a brand that is willing to laugh at itself. This is the extended version. April 14. Missing nothing. The event premiered several commercials with actors and celebrities of the film and the TV. Christina Applegate for M & M’s, Jason Bateman for Hyundai, Sarah Michelle Gellar for Olay, Adam Scott to Expensify, Luke Wilson for Colgate, Michael Bublé for a new drink Pepsi called «bubly» and Steve Carell for normal Pepsi. does not reach you? There’s more: Michael C. Hall in a strange musical of Skittles, Charlie Sheen for Planters, and even Harrison Ford, Forrest Whitaker, and the protagonists of Broad City for Amazon Alexa. But best of all is that of Stella Artois, Jeff Bridges as «The Dude» in the Big Lebowski has the Carrie Bradshaw of Sex & The city impossible mix and the legendary.

The latest surprise was a mini-movie of 6 minutes that the Titanic Ridley Scott directed for Turkish Airlines with Sylvia Hoeks, the right hand of the character of Jared Leto in Blade Runner 2049.

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