translated from Spanish: «‘tigre’ Verón»: Julio Chávez will be a union leader of the Guild of the flesh

«El ‘tigre’ Veron» is Julio Chávez return to television with this unit. They will be 12 episodes (original eltrece, TNT, Cablevision Flow produced by Pol-ka) and the actor will be accompanied by Andrea Pietra, who will make his current wife (Marina Paniguini) and Marco Antonio Caponi, that will make your child’s Fabito.chavez will be a union leader of the Guild of the meat that you must risk everything when arrinconen it its adversaries, enemies of the world bosses and other fronts. He will see his family threatened and must act quickly. Julio Chavez cast: MIGUEL «EL TIGRE» VERON Marco Antonio Caponi: FABITO VERÓN (son of «The Tiger») Andrea Pietra: MARINA PANIGUINI (current female from «El Tigre») Manuel Callau: ANTONIO «EL CHACO» MORAN (enemy of «El Tigre» employer worldwide) Muriel Santa Ana: LORE NA RAIMUNDI Alejandra Flechner: FÁTIMA FERRARI («El Tigre», mother of his ex-wife) Diego Cremonesi: «The TANO» MARCOS DI CESARE (works in the Union together to «The Tiger»).
«Roberto Vallejos: NORBERTO»Satán»RODRÍGUEZ Sofía Gala: JUSTINA VERÓN (daughter of»the Tiger) Esteban Masturini: JUANDÓ VERÓN (son of «The Tiger») Ailín Salas: ESTEFANÍA MIRANDA Nicolás García Hume: CHETI Germán De Silva: Arthur «pela» by ANGELLIS Daniel De Vita: JORGE » «Hacha» MOREIRA Marcelo Dominguez: FERNANDO «corralero» REAL Pablo Ríos: MUCANGA Manuel Longueira: gut DELFINO girl Spinetta: LAURA books are Germán Maggiori and Marcos Osorio Vidal and direction borne by Daniel Barone.Locaciones the shooting will be held in different parts of the capital and also of the province of Buenos Aires, including slaughterhouses. Only outdoors.

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