translated from Spanish: Conaf confirmed more than 2 thousand hectares of native forest consumed by fire

La Corporacion Nacional Forestal (Conaf) confirmed that two forest fires that occur in parallel in the Aysén region have consumed more than 2 thousand hectares of vegetation native. In a conversation with Radio Bio Bio, the Mayor of Aysén, Geoconda Navarrete, confirmed the information, detailing the extent of the fires. Up to the moment active outbreaks occur in Mansa Bay and Cologne South.» «In both cases what has been consumed are forest native, scrub all native (…) especially at the Cologne South because very simply is the surface that is being ravaged by fire», explained Navarrete to the Radio. In addition, the regional authority added that on Tuesday the only aircraft available to deal with the emergency, contributed to the evacuation of people who were at risk by the flames. He later tried to work to combat the sinister, but wind made it difficult for the task. One of the problems that has complicated the fire combat is the distance between these places since there is only a plane available to stop the fire. By this, the quartermaster of the region had discussions with the Ministry of the Interior to manage the arrival of two new aircraft that will arrive in the area during this Wednesday. Considering this background, Tuesday decreed red alert for them for the provinces of Captain Prat and General Carrera, situation that stays so far and has enabled the support of forest fires of the army reinforcement brigades) Brifes).

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