translated from Spanish: Photograph of the son of AMLO in the Super Bowl

then of Super Bowl 53 which was played on February 3 in Atlanta, United States, began to circulate a photo showing the youngest son of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is false with the logo of the NFL and the s New England Patriots in his shirt.
According to the message accompanying the photo, the minor was in the game between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams.
However, the photograph is published. The original image was taken during the closure of Lopez Obrador’s campaign in the Azteca Stadium June 28, 2018, and was published a day later by DNA politician.
In the original image is observed that his shirt does not have any logo, and back are people with brunette vests.
Image edited with logos of the NFL and the Patriots of new Inglaterra.La publication with the edited picture has been shared more than 3 thousand times quickly it has viralizado on Twitter and Facebook, and is accompanied by this message: “a ticket to enter this place round up to and n the 300 thousand dollars! And AMLO saying to the people of Mexico that we have to be austere! “.”
Original image published by DNA news in June of 2018.El satire “The Goring” portal released the edited picture. 
On their website, “”, points out that it is a satirical newspaper whose sole purpose is entertainment, and that all of its contents are fictional and do not correspond with reality. “All the references, names, brands or institutions appearing on the website are used as contextual elements, as in any novel or fictional story”, he says.
However, this new satirical (or joke) has been used by users of social networks to launch reviews of hatred against the son of Lopez Obrador.
The use of the image of the President’s son watchful against article 77 of the General Law of the rights of children and adolescents, which establishes: “shall be considered violation of the privacy of girls, children, or adolescents any direct management of your image, name , personal data or references that allow its identification in the media who are award to the service of broadcasting and telecommunications, as well as print media or electronic media that have control the dealer or print the question, which undermine their honor or reputation, is contrary to their rights or that put them at risk, according to the principle of best interests of the child”.
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Original source in Spanish

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