translated from Spanish: Propaganda that urged support for AMLO was not illegal: TEPJF

the Tribunal Electoral de the power Judicial of the Federation (TEPJF) determined that public servants reported for publishing content on Twitter and Facebook where mentioned to Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador not incurred in personalized promotion by the President.
In a statement, the TEPJF reported that the specialized room declared non-existent infringements of personal promotion and abuse of public resources of Lopez Obrador, Marcelo Ebrard. Roberto Velasco Álvarez, Alejandro Encinas, Jesús Robles Maloof and Edgardo Castillo Cota, denounced servers.
For the special room it was not viable to interpret the constitutional prohibition in article 134, which prevents the identification of public servants within the Government advertising, because “Although could be seen in the alleged propaganda the name and position of the President of the Republic, was not credited that these elements would have the purpose of highlighting issues, promoting it as the head of the federal executive, or even influence for or against some of the subjects involved in processes electoral premises”.
The TEPJF also found that undue public resources were used. “Was considered non-existent custom promotion and it was determined that propaganda was lawful,” he said.
The judge President, Gabriela Villafuerte Coello, issued a concurring opinion because, although it agreed with the absence of the personal promotion and use of public resources, not consistent with the considerations showed in the statement.
In her view, exposed propaganda “took place in an exceptional situation and under that context is not considered illegal”.
January 11, Animal politician published a note in which reported that two federal Secretaries published images with colors and official logos on their Twitter accounts asking for support for the President, while the Constitution prohibits include names of officials in the official propaganda.
In addition to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of economy officials as Marcelo Ebrard. Roberto Velasco Álvarez, Alejandro Encinas, Jesús Robles Maloof and Edgardo Castillo dimension shared images in support of the strategy to combat the theft of fuel, which calls for support for Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
The constitutional article 134 said that the propaganda that disseminate public authorities, autonomous bodies, agencies and entities of the public administration, should have institutional and informational, educational or social orientation purposes.
“In any case this propaganda shall include names, images, voices, or symbols that involve custom promotion of any public servant”, added the article.
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