translated from Spanish: After the attack on the Boca micro authorized the use of glasses anti vandalism

the collective urban, interurban and micros of short and long distance will have glass laminates or anti vandalism, which were prohibited by the triumph until the moments ltad to break them in an accident. The decision met this Thursday after the publication of a resolution of the Ministry of transport in the Oficial.asi newsletter, the Government responds to a demand from the sector, to two and a half months that stoned the bus carrying the players mouth, when they were heading to the River Court to play the final of the Copa Libertadores.La standard sets new conditions for the bodywork of vehicles carrying passengers and, among them, sets «in services where proving the need for units «anti vandalism, laminated glass may be applied or anti vandalism, in which case the emergency windows shall be of the fold type, cam or expelled to the outside». 
«These wheeled must have signage, interior and exterior, indicating how operates the opening of windows security mechanism and must not have the regulatory safety hammers», details the resolution. The recitals, explains that until now, the glass applied to the windows had to be mild destructible «in order that these may be destroyed for use as emergency exits in case of accident or fire».» «This condition required by the glass of the windows is highly effective for the purposes of the evacuation of the bus, but also makes it vulnerable if the micro is attacked with blunt, and may even jeopardize the passage», added the text official. «Sometimes there are buses that must be affected to very particular services where verified attacks of various kinds, such as the throwing of the shot, is therefore relevant that they are fitted with special conditions of security, to the» effects that are disease-free before these acts of vandalism». In this note:

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