translated from Spanish: Angie Jibaja Felipe Lasso and his fiancée: «Babosos»

a while ago Angie Jibaja protaganizo a controversial that it led to the decision to go into rehab because of their addictions and these past few days returned to generate debate so that the Peruvian actress insulted his former partner, Felipe Lasso, and his new bride, by social networks. The former couple, Angie Jibaja and Felipe Lasso, became known in the reality of Mega, double temptation. After participating in the program the relationship was finished. Currently, the Colombian is committed to Adriana Gonzalez.segun the fourth, all took place when the former chico reality took a trip to Disney for marriage to the Cuban. And as often happens in these cases, after giving the ‘yes’, the woman told the good news to all his followers on the social networking. And that’s when Angie Jibaja reacciono to see the photo and said «Babosos, what good that you served being part of me lol». This not dropped anything good to Felipe Lasso who climbed a story his Instagram dedicated to Peruvian actress indicating that please respect his bride.» I have always tried to have the best wave with you, but that doesn’t mean that you have the right to come to make absurd comments about me and my partner. I never mentioned or talked about your relationships or boyfriends. I only ask you respect. Something as simple as that. And if you have a problem is with me, it don’t mess. I thank you with all my heart. For my part I hope that you are well and end of the story. This topic is not touched more», he defended. On the other hand, the promised Adriana González also stood idly and also to Felipe, came up a story to its Instagram attacking Angie Jibaja. «Here people are very mad, getting where does not call her.» Go and take hots for sleeping»wrote.

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