translated from Spanish: Commotion in Colombia: a woman took his life by throwing himself vacuum with his son

a shocking case moves across Colombia, once this Wednesday, February 6 a 32-year-old woman decided to take his life by throwing himself from a bridge next to his son 10.Se is Jessy Paola Moreno Cruz, who pulled the variant bridge located in the community of Ibague holding the baby in her arms. Police personnel, lifeguards, firemen and psychologists carried out an operation to prevent the tragedy, but without success.

Police officers weeping disconsolate after the sad episode the fact in its entirety was registered by various witnesses, including, the bereaved cries of relief workers to impotence. The child was identified as May Ceballos, and some testimonials ensure asking her mother to listen to the authorities. The why behind the fact Jessy Paola Moreno Cruz with his son, May according to statements by the Mayor of Ibague, Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo, it seems that the woman suffered economic problems after applying for the so-called «drop by drop», a d illegal loan inero.» Not only is it extorting people, not only steals them all their work, intimidated him, he steals all his work, it the death threat it. Even ends up costing the life», said officer to the half the voice of the Pueblo.Este type of maneuvers is based on lending money to the applicant and claim it at 20 or 30 days with an interest of between 10% and 40%. Collectors are timely to receive the daily fee which, not being delivered, brings into play the life of the debtor.

Authorities recovered the bodies of the victims on the other hand, the journalist of the aforementioned medium, Mauricio Vargas, reported that the victims had been evicted from his home in recent days and did not have the resources to rent a House, nor a place do NDE reside. According to the Mayor of Ibague, it would be the second case of suicide in the area for the same reason.

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