translated from Spanish: Complaint against Darthés: Justice confirmed that it continues to investigate

after years of silence, Thelma Fardín accused public and Court the actor Juan Darthés for violation. The fact goes back to 2009, when the then teenager was on tour in Nicaragua, by the youth soap opera in which he worked («ugly duckling») next to the adult. Previously, the actor received the denunciation of other actresses such as Anita Coacci, Natalia reeds and Calu Rivero, testimony that prompted her to speak. Supported by the collective Argentine actresses, he recorded a video in which he gave details of the complaint.

After almost two months of that date, the team that works alongside Fardin published an official statement that reports on the current state of the cause in Nicaragua. Using an enumeration of issues mentioned: «the process is in the stage of research». This instance consists of the collection of different elements as evidence. Once carried out this step, and in accordance with the Nicaraguan criminal legislation the criminal process begins.

Conference on support to Thelma Fardín | Photo: Instagram @actrices.argentinas there, before a judge shall be determined pretrial detention as a precautionary measure. The Bachelor Elyn Margarita Cruz Rojas, along with his team, explained: «in the case that concerns us, still is not at that stage of the proceedings, so anticipate the results would be entering make speculations».

Official statement on this note:

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