translated from Spanish: Experts warn about theft of passwords on Instagram

researchers of the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab issued a warning about a fraudulent campaign which is active in Latin America and which aims to take account of Instagram.
#10YearsChallenge: unexpected applications that Facebook and Instagram can make your photos according to the company, criminals take advantage users fear that they stealing your accounts to carry out deception, through an email that pretends to be by a message from the social network, in which victims say that your account has been hacked.

type phishig mail informs users of so-called changes in phone number that has been associated with the account and to avoid that this error continues, invites users to access a link that the credentials of calls should be gram.

deluded user offenders provides free access to your account and once this happens is extorted so you can retrieve it, in some cases, stolen accounts serve to disseminate malicious content on the Internet either to send spam to other users.
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the email that comes in this campaign message is [email protected] that not relate with the social network, while the page used to stop the users data is [email protected]which is not associated with the network.

to avoid becoming a victim of this type of fraud the most advisable is to avoid suspicious links and go directly to the official website of the company that supposedly sent in mail.
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also is important to check the URL in the address bar, download applications directly from official stores and do not use passwords or data of authentication in services offered by third parties.

is also recommended the use of solutions that prevent devices with malware infection.
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