translated from Spanish: “Important family” who wanted to take a drink of Jujuy was Stornelli

controversy in Jujuy continues: once a 12 years old girl who had become pregnant after a rape was forced to give birth, Governor Gerardo Morales insin UO a ‘important family”was interested in take the premature baby. Although the creature died a few days later, the Declaration of the provincial leader generated controversial to suggest that it could “ignored” the due process because it is a prestigious family. “This morning, in dialogue with program” here at’ María O’Donnell in Metro, leading Morales revealed that it was of the family of the federal prosecutor Carlos Stornelli. ” It is not an important family of Jujuy, in truth it was the Prosecutor Stornelli. It was a reference to a person who has a family constituted, consolidated, and had 1,000 enrolled, but I did only a reference saying ‘Well, there are many people interested’. Not important in the sense of having silver as some believed”, explained the radical reference.
The questions of whether Stornelli annotated in the (long) list to access the adoption of small, Morales said: “he expressed their will, is not to make more noise than this. He didn’t say it in a sense of that in Jujuy would produce a manipulation. Here the law is fulfilled, there were 1,000 families registered. Someone asked me at that time and therefore left the issue.” In this way, Stornelli joins personalities such as Amalia Granata, who also expressed their desire to adopt the baby.

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