translated from Spanish: INE assumed the Organization of the election in Puebla

the National Electoral Institute (INE) will assume «completely» the Organization and conduct of the electoral process extraordinary 2019 in the State of Puebla, to elect the Governor, as well as to integrate to the members of the municipalities of Ocoyucan, Cañada Morelos, Ahuazotepec, Mazapiltepec of Juarez and Tepeojuma.
The above was adopted in unanimity by the General Council of the Electoral National Institute in urgent extraordinary meeting, on Wednesday.
Lorenzo Córdova Vianello, Adviser to President of the INE, stressed that the political and social context of Puebla requires that the election is organized with the highest standards of organizational efficiency, in order to ensure that democratic competition goes with full attachment to the constitutional principles of accuracy, impartiality and legality.
INE assumes total responsibility for these elections by «the situation of exception generated by the unfortunate death of the Governor of Puebla; the political tension that exists in that entity during and after election day; «and the unanimous request of the political forces in Puebla for this authority carrying out the extraordinary Electoral process», said the President Adviser.
With this decision, the Electoral Institute of Puebla will provide INE the totality of the resources needed to conduct by-elections, which will be signed an agreement between the two institutions.
This is the first occasion that INE assumes entirely the functions of Local public body for the Organization of a local election.
INE said that «account with the necessary human and technical resources and sufficient to ensure the guiding principles of the electoral function», as the infrastructure of a Local Council; electoral advisors; staff members of the professional Electoral service; disposal of real estate and warehouse for the receipt of documents; infrastructure and information technology to facilitate the development and monitoring of fundamental activities, as the preliminary electoral results program and quick count.
The election to choose the next Governor of Puebla will take place on June 2 and the winner must take possession by August 1.
For his part, Pamela San Martin, Chair of the temporary Committee for the follow-up of the local electoral processes of INE, said that in addition to the work of INE is required the support and the cooperation of political parties, as well as of the candidates in compliance with the law and the Constitution, «to be guaranteed to the poblanos, that who on June 2 will define who will be the next Governor or the next Governor of this State and who will be leading the five municipalities».
The INE also issued the call to citizens interested in running as candidates and independent candidates for posts of popular election to the governorship and local councils in the five municipalities and reported that you between February 15 and March 15 of 2019, the Puebla residents abroad will process your application for registration to the Nominal list to vote on June 2.
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