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Mexico.-for defined public policy before the arrival of citizens from other countries to Nuevo Leon to their rights will not violate and are in a position of vulnerability, local deputies d e citizen movement today launched an initiative to create attention and Protection Act Migrantes.Luis Donaldo Colosio, leader of the Caucus, said that as United States has hindered the passage of migrants, by its location and conditions of development and supply employment, Nuevo León has become an important point of reception of these, what would call a ‘Monterrey dream’.» The migrants, who come from other countries and even other States across the country, we have to provide them security and a clear legal framework for our authorities and we do not have him in Nuevo Leon», he said.

«… The challenge that we face in the field of migration should be urgently treated in our institution, we cannot simply be reactive and being of the view, we need to give, not only the migrant person, but also to the State and municipal authority a clear framework «legal with which to operate and coordinate to assist migrants, granting them rights and grant them obligations carrying them to contribute to the productive life of the State.» That is why we propose the creation of the care Act and protection of migrants in which is proposed to have a State record of migrants to have certainty of how many people are coming to our State, from where it comes from and who they are; «a public policy for the protection and with respect to their human rights and is obligated to the State and the municipalities to contemplate migration into their development plans». The initiative, he added, also provides support to migrants via associations, as well as the creation of the State Council of migrants which propose policies to implement in favour of these.

«We need to have a body that could be the guideline of immigration policy in the State,» he added, «not only are we doing that corporations administrative and police are reacting to a problem for which you are not trained. Mariela Saldívar, Member of the citizen Movement Caucus, said that in the first six months of the current state government eliminated is an address that was in charge to migrants. His partner’s bed, Karina Barrón, said it is important to help people in conditions of migration, because many of them are vulnerable to crime such as human trafficking, rape and femicide practices.» It is necessary that there is an Institute of the migrant as it exists in other States and we know that here lack sensitivity, so this initiative is a push to have the bases of public policies for migrants», he said.

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