translated from Spanish: Luksic to the rescue: will personally review situation of workers of the Bank of Chile after complaint on Twitter

«Positive that the economy has had its biggest rise in 5 years. To continue to work to get progress to all Chileans, without forgetting other important indicators such as employment, wages and confidence. Chile we all do it», with these words the employer – and tuitero – Andrónico Luksic was celebrating the growth figures of the economy that seems to be their favorite social network.
However, one of the answers to your revelry captured your attention. And it is that the words of Andronicus made noise on a user, including insults, he took the opportunity to say a few to the Chairman of Quiñenco. «This wuaton shit culiao, in order to save a lucas has all the aunt of the toilet working in outsourced chile Bank and external company paid the minimum. Memjxihjaatpoes as your @aluksicc there is so much inequality in our chile»(sic), said an indignant Eleazar Ruiz.
Faced with this, Luksic, Vice President of the Bank of Chile, announced that you reviewed the situation of the staff of the toilet personally with the administration of the entity.
«Eleazar, I assume that your insolence comes from the rage that creates it a situation as well.» And it is the same rage that would give me to me if this is true. «I will personally review this situation with the directors of the Bank of Chile, and I hope our next dialogue is a little more civilized», replied @aaluksic.
It should be noted that, through the social network, entrepreneur has become charge of questioning as the dismissals of Channel 13 (which is a partner) and to the environmental problems faced by Antofagasta, which operates one of its industrial arm, Antofagasta Terminal International.

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