translated from Spanish: Mario Salas: «was compliant with the formation of the campus»

coach of Colo Colo, Mario Salas, said in the offered press conference this Thursday morning, at the Monumental Stadium, «conformity» on the structure Campus, facing the tournament opening 2019, which starts in the middle of February. The «Commander» pointed out that all reinforcements who arrived at the club were expressly ordered by it and declared closed the subject of additions with the arrival of the goalkeeper Darío Melo. He also expressed satisfaction with the integration of five reinforcements which arrived at the institution. «I was super conforming with the formation of the squad.» «Is what we thought, we brought people in positions that we wanted to and there are players who leave me happy by your arrival to the club», said Salas. Salas showed his emotion that competition between the players of the «albo» club has been generated to gain a position of holder. «Campus is well structured, there are more than two players in some positions and established a very high competition. There are some players who come from superlative performance and means that they have a plus at the start of a Championship,»he said. The coach reiterated that they are members «that we ask and are shaping the roster that we want». On the other hand, rooms referred to the issue of casualties by physical complications and said that Stephen walls and Ronald de la Fuente «are suffering muscle injuries». «In the case of Esteban is a lesion that dragged the year past and Ronald emerged le in the match with Everton.» We hope that you are as soon as possible.» He concluded.

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